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CALCULATOR Pro 2.00.050


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Armin Richter


CALCULATOR Pro 2.00.050 Review

Calculator Pro is a calculator tool for windows like a common pocket calculator. Calculator Pro gives you the possibility to calculate substantial mathematical terms in an easy and efficient way. Therefore Calculator Pro supports a lot of mathematical functions like trigonometric, hyperbolic functions etc. The advantage of the Calculator Pro compared with the other calculators like the Standard Windows
Calculator for example, is that you can see the term you want to solve and you can combine almost an arbitrary amount of single functions. To keep that term clearly arranged the Calculator Pro support brackets. An addition, the Calculator Pro contains a list of more than 50 mathematical and scientific constants. These constants can be handled in the term like numbers and can be entered direct form a popup menu. At the first sight Calculator Pro is really not looking like a calculator and least of all like a pocket calculator. So Calculator Pro seems to be a little unconventional calculator tool that looks like a text editor. But indeed it is not unconventional, maybe a little uncommon. The reason for that is that the Calculator Pro is based on a multi-line text box. In this text box you enter your term and solve it just by press the Enter-button. That's it! The advantage of the multi-line text box is that you got a calculation history just by scroll the text box up.



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